Christian Reuter
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Hello, I'm Christian!

I’m a digital product designer living in Raleigh, NC with my wife, kid, and dog. I’ve designed interfaces for the past ~14 years.

I’m currently working remotely as senior manager of product design at Iterable, a growth marketing platform. I lead design for the AI, Analytics, and Frameworks teams.

Previously, I was the design director at thoughtbot’s Raleigh studio, where we built custom web and mobile applications for our clients around the Southeast.

In my spare time I’m chipping away at Pickup, an app to help school administrators handle the chaos of carpooling and keep their students safe. Or, for non-designery stuff, hanging out with my wife and son, playing Sudoku, and learning woodworking in my garage. (Can you tell I wrote this during the pandemic?)

I’m a generalist, currently most interested in scaling quality, culture, and innovation for high-functioning, distributed design teams.

I love connecting with designers and other makers. If you’re in the area, working on an interesting project, or have thoughts on remote design work shoot me an email! I’d love to chat.