Recent Talks

  1. DIY Design Sprints

    A how-to guide on running a design sprint

    The Iron Yard Raleigh, June 2016

  2. Usability Heuristics

    Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design

    The Iron Yard Raleigh, May 2016

  3. Blurred Lines

    A technical overview of startups for non-technical founders

    Georgetown MBA Entrepeneurship Club, March 2016

  4. What about Ember?

    Criteria for evaluating JavaScript frameworks

    The Iron Yard Durham, March 2016

  5. Divergent Thinking

    A lightning talk on creativity

    Refresh the Triangle, October 2015

  6. An introduction to the Bourbon suite

    Getting started with thoughtbot's Sass mixin library

    Stacked, October 2014

  7. Design for Developers

    A day-long workshop on the language and practice of visual design

    American Underground, October 2014