Pickup is a side project that a developer colleague and I are working on in our spare time. It's a work in progress. His wife was in charge of the carpool line at the elementary school she worked at, and it was chaotic. They had half an hour to dismiss 300 students, and used a hand-written log of students and their drivers.

She realized that the problem went way beyond ineffiency when they couldn't track a student who was caught up in a custody battle. They needed a system to keep students accounted for.

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We started by visiting the school, observing the dismissal process, and interviewing the folks that facilitate it. We determined there were three roles, which we named the Lookout, Announcer, and Usher.

We built out a pretty lean MVP and got the school using it right away. We started with the crux of the app (a student-driver association, and announcing arrivals as they came), and then slowly built outwards.

Students waiting for carpool Screenshot of driver show page Screenshot of hangtag show page

There were a few usability and process quirks along the way that we were able to quickly identify because the school started using the app so early into development. It's been a success for both safety and efficiency, and we've since started talking to other schools to learn about their dismissal process and evaluate how it can fit into their workflows.