Two career salesmen had had frustrations with tools getting in the way of sales forecasting. They hired thoughtbot to build a lightweight app that could improve the experience.

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Sales tools that focus more on measurement than progress and quality don’t help people do their jobs. CRMs are overpriced and overly complex, and give sales people the means to disguise their actual progress. Generating a sales forecast is often a recurring weekly/monthly/quarterly task, rather than something that is always prepared and available for your team.

We built a lightweight tool that has a laser focus on forecasting opportunities. There’s no fiddling, and there are no surprises. The featured five-quarter rolling forecast chart is always up to date, and lets everyone know the team’s progress at a glance.

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Quicky Forecast is live at The biggest challenge was in prioritizing features, as many were inter-related, providing auxiliary benefits. In the end, we decided to primarily focus on streamlining the critical path, designing a rich interactive interface for different ways of viewing data, and nailing the chart (which was a large part of the value proposition). They have people actively using the product, and now have the context to determine which additional features are most critical to long-term success.

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